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Gun Bay is the spot for intermediates and advanced windsurfers. With side off shore wind and shallow water, water start and upwind sailing are necessary. The bay is a couple of hundred meters wide and have enough space for all - even at the busiest time on the water. The bay in front of the center is constantly monitored and the rescue boat is the whole time available.

Wind and Waves in Gun Bay Karpathos

The main wind that blows the whole season is Meltemi. The specialty about Meltemi is that it blows all day and is not dependent on thermic, which makes it possible to have multiple windsurf sessions a day. The wind comes from the north-east and blows cross offshore from the left.

In July and August the wind can come up to 7-8 Beaufort, before and after the main season winds are lower (4-6 Bft). Those who are looking for a real challenge can surf out of Gun Bay to Devils Bay. There the wind is about 1-2 Beaufort stronger. It is also possible to surf from Gun Bay to Chicken bay, where we have another station.

The wave conditions are true Bump and Jump. The high wind in Gun Bay can create up to 1 meter wind waves that are suitable for both jumping novices and experts.


ION CLUB Station at Gun Bay is our Main Station for the spot. Here you can find the whole range of boards (69l – 156l) and sails (3.0 m2– 7.8m2) suitable for any wind conditions. The station has a wind protected grassy area for preparation of equipment, changing rooms and showers with fresh water. The distance between the station and the beach is only 20 meters which makes it very easy to get into water. At the ION CLUB at Gun Bay you can also book other activities like mountain bike tours, rock climbing or yoga.


Upstairs in the same building as the station you find our ANEMOS Bar & Restaurant. Anemos is open every day from 8:30 for breakfast till dinner time and every Thursday longer for our legendary Anemos Party. On the menu you find tasty selection of Greek end international cuisine together with top class cocktails and different specials every day. From the terrace you can enjoy the view of the whole bay or relax on a sunbed in a wind protected area.