Windsurf Lessons ION CLUB Karpathos

ION CLUB Karpathos and especially our station in Chicken Bay is ideal for people who want to start windsurfing or to improve their windsurfing skills. Chicken Bay has shallow and flat water which makes it an ideal learning area for windsurfing. The closed bay and a rescue boat provide a very safe and easy environment for the first steps on a windsurf board. Apart from the beginner lessons, Chicken Bay is also ideal for learning planing, using the harness and footstraps or waterstart.
We have group lessons and private lessons. Lessons are also differentiated for adults, youngsters and kids. All our windsurfing lessons are offered in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Slovak, Czech and are held by internationally certified and experienced windsurf instructors.

We also offer windsurf lessons for advanced windsurfers at our station in Gun Bay. If you wish to improve your power jibe, start your first freestyle tricks, or just have a first time windsurf session in Gun Bay, we are happy to help.

Of course all windsurf lessons can be adjusted around your individual needs and wishes. 

2h/ 4h/ 6h/ 8h/ 10h

The ION CLUB Windsurfing Starter & Refresher course covers besides the practical parts of windsurfing also the necessary theoretical knowledge. After 10 hours you are ready to pass the VDWS license test.

Course content

Understanding of wind and directions of sailing
- Introduction of equipment
- Balance and rig exercises

- Uphaul, start and stop sailing
- Steering (Upwind / Downwind)
- Tack
- Beachstart


2h/ 4h/ 6h/ 8h/ 10h

Advanced courses are the right choice for either those who haven't been sailing for some time or those who have just finished their starter course and want to improve to the next level.

Course content

- Fast tack
- Jibe
- Harness
- Footstraps 

- Planing
- Waterstart