Windsurfing Masts & Booms At ION CLUB KARPATHOS

North Sails Red Series Booms

North Silver HD BoomsThe latest RED-generation is produced in high-tech BONDED.TECHNOLOGY. The boom arms and the head are “melted“ together with special aerospace-standard glue. The brand-new iFRONT 2.0 ensures maximum comfort and the easiest handling as its flex and stiffness are perfectly adjusted towards the demands of the target group. 


North Gold Series Masts

North Gold Series Mast80% high-tech carbon content, high-tech prepreg production and excellent dynamics - This makes the GOLD series the indisputable performance and weight price leader. Except for the slightly reduced carbon content all models are technically identical to the PLATINUM. The Natural White POLY.SHIELD full coating prevents any scratching or abrasion. The white surface protects the material especially against strong sunlight as it effectively prevents the heating up into the critical area and thermal overload. The fibers are wound with a slightly bigger gap to optimize the grip you get when clamping on the boom. Overall, a top-quality, versatile mast made even more durable.